Collision Reconstruction Associates

CRA provides accurate and unbiased traffic crash reconstruction services to Central Kentucky and surrounding areas. The use of multi-disciplined specialists allows CRA to quickly and efficiently analyze crash events, prioritize the appropriate actions and provide our clients with up to the minute data, opinions, details and action plans.

CRA works as your partner to provide you with our years of experience in Rapid Response, Scene Analysis, Evidence Interpretation and Deposition and Courtroom Testimony to clearly and precisely demonstrate the causes and results of traffic crash events.

CRA uses modern Total Station Laser survey equipment coupled with the latest in animation technology to incorporate photographs and satellite images to overlay accurate evidence locations onto a digital created crash scene to show to-scale vehicle actions and reactions.

CRA Members apply their training and experience to bring the most accurate mathematical calculations to the reconstruction. CRA uses exhibits created in-house or from outside sources to provide clear presentations to you, your client, a mediator or a jury.